Friday, 15 April 2011


Inspiration is a big word, but it's not as big as circumlocution...take that inspiration!

Anyway, I'd like to write a bit about my inspirations. These can range from artists to films, music, games and more! So let's take a look.

Artists (my favourites):

Ashley Wood

Come one, just look at that image! I find his style so beautiful, there's so much natural texture, desaturated tones and stylized features. He's a very accomplished artist and has worked on projects from Metal Gear Solid to Halo but mainly works within graphic novels. He's probably most famous for his Popbot series. If you look into his work you'll probably find that he pretty much draws robots and women. I love his style of drawing both men and women, they're really nicely exaggerated and complimenting of the original form. His robots are imaginative and realistic. Here's some more of his work from his blog:

Ben Templesmith

It's just occurred to me that my two favourite Artists are from the same country, I must have a thing for Australians. Also, something I forgot to mention above about Ashley Wood is that I really love sketchy kind of styles. If you saw Woods pen/pencil work it's not really clean and polished, it's very organic and has a lot of energy. That's how I see Ben Templesmith's work too. The guy has some major skills, he works in graphic novels, famous for 30 Days of Night, Wormwood, Fel, Choker, Welcome to Hoxford and more. He writes a lot of his own material too and has a dark imagination and sense of humour in both his writing and art which really appeals to me. Most of all though, it's going back to my love of textures, exaggeration, style and organic-ness. Here's some more from Mr. Templesmith:

So they are my two favourites, I love lots of art and it's not all similar in style. Check out my deviantart favourites if you want to get an idea. I really love that digital concept art feel that a lot of art has these days, looks reaaaaaaally nice.

This post is a bit of a monster so I'll just mention that as far as films go anything can inspire me. Mainly strong characters and cool sequences.

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