Friday, 15 April 2011

A bit about a person who occasionally draws

[ That's me on top of a hill drinking VODKA...ok, it was water. ]

The truth is that I love drawing and I'd love to do it more but a lot of the time it feels like it really doesn't come easy and so I get frustrated. I'm probably trying to jump too far ahead of myself considering I don't practice or have much experience. So I think I'm at that place where I need to just draw from life a lot to understand how things look so that I can just throw anything down and have it kind of correct anatomy-wise. So that's what I shall do! I'm working on something at the moment which I'll post a WIP of later.

I've always loved drawing, I used to do a lot more of it when I was younger. Probably because wasting time on computers hadn't been invented and because I was pushed to draw and create things for my art class at school. Without that real need to draw it's kind of dithered away and only comes out sometimes, once ever few months. Which is a real shame because when I start drawing I get completely sucked in and love it.

So the plan is something like this:

Draw from life
Take a sketchbook out with me wherever I go and draw anything
Look into anatomy, perspective, colour theory and lighting

I think that'll do for now. Then I can get into the juicy stuff like digital art skills and the different techniques.

Next post will be about inspiration.

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