Saturday, 28 July 2012

Sketch Dump

Hello internet,

Have some sketches. I've been drawing traditionaly more recently and really enjoying it. Here's a few things from gift art to zoo sketches and some quick things drawn from reference online.

This is my friend Robin French's character Perigold in the (attempted) style of Mouse Guards David Petersen. Gift art for her since she's currently in hospital.

Another of Robin's characters. This is Auriel in MLP style.

A quick sketch after reading some of the Force, dynamic drawing book.

I reaaaaaally like drawing suits, always have. Here's a headless guy. 

Zoo sketches:


Mike Mignola hand study, I LOVE HIS HANDS! 

Attempting to not be scared of shadows, another guy in a suit...detective style. 

Yoga girl from internet reference.

Hopefully more to come!

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